Transforming Lives One Pain At a Time

Transforming Lives One Pain At a Time

Transforming Lives One Pain At a Time

Transforming Lives One Pain At a Time

Transforming Lives One Pain At a Time

“I have been going to body workers for many years and was very impressed with Kris! He is gifted in determining the cause of pain and releasing chronic patterns in the myofascial system. The results were remarkable! I have recommended him to many of my friends”.

~ Catherine L.

As a physician, who has experienced many different types of body work, this is my first experience with JFB-MFR and it was extremely positive. You should however be prepared for it to be unlike physical therapy you've experienced in the past. Once you get over that hurdle and let Kris do his magic, you will begin to see results. Like everything worthwhile in life, the process of healing takes time, so be patient but Kris has the tools to set you off in the right direction. I have seen him for a dozen sessions and can not only feel the relief but my range of motion has improved considerably.

As we age, no matter our ailment, the aging process and gravity play a big role in our decline. What Kris teaches us is an antidote to the natural loss of function, a way of slowing down the aging process on our body, of keeping us fit and active for as long as possible. I strongly recommend Art of Healing PT to anyone willing to put in the time required to keep help their bodies become flexible and strong. Kris is a healer but you, as his client, must be willing to do at least half the work. Kris will lead you to water, but to get the full benefit of his work, you have to drink it”.

~ Richard H. MD

“If you're looking for the same old physical therapy you've had in the past, where you're stuck in a room by yourself while PT assistants come in and out hooking you up to machines that do nothing and then you see the actual Therapist for 2 minutes, don't go there. If you're looking for individualized treatment, a whole hour with a therapist, an extremely gentle technique that actually makes you feel better, this is the place! Kris works gently, over time, to help your body heal itself and stay that way. I have recommended him to everyone I know!

~ Hollie M.

“I had lower back pain and it was hard for me to get up in the morning or sit for long periods of time. I was sure I needed surgery or medication. My doctor referred me here. I saw him 5 times but felt 100% better after 3. Best thing you can do is see him!!

~ Aubry S.

“I first met Kris at a local Skilled Rehab Center where I went to recover from knee replacement surgery. He was in charge of the PT dept. and started me off on my physical therapy sessions. In that I had good results from the knee replacement therapy I decided to go to him again, in his new office on Venice Ave.

After having cervical spinal surgery to eliminate some arthritis spurs that were impinging on my spinal nerve, I was having post-surgery problems using my left arm from muscle deterioration stemming from the shoulder muscle being cut in the course of the operation.

I went to him several times a week for over a month to be treated with his new specialty, myofascial release that apparently was helpful in my situation. My arm utilization has returned to about 95% of full usage from a point where I couldn't even lift my arm higher than my shoulder level.

I can vouch for Kris as being competent and conscientious in his work attitude and methods of treating me and do not hesitate to recommend him to anyone with problems that need PT to put them back on the road to recovery”.

~ Bill C.

“Best therapy for back surgery and other parts of the body”.

~ Beth W.

“Kris is the best! I have suffered from neck pain for a year and a half and finally decided to do something about it. My mom had been referred there about a half year ago and all she did was rave about how great he was. So I made an appt. After 5 treatments my neck is back to about 90%. I also have plantar fasciitis and heal spurs. He has helped me out tremendously! Maybe two more times then I'll for sure go back once or twice a year just to make sure I don't get into my bad habits.

~ Patricia G.

I was suffering from sciatica nerve pain for several years also from age related neck problems - and I am pain free for over a year now. All I do now is occasionally visiting the clinic for maintenance treatment and enjoy my life. The therapist is practicing very unique way of healing, working on fascia .

I would recommend this treatment for anybody who suffers pain.”

~ Jacob K.

“As an occupational therapist, I have witnessed the vast number of positive outcomes you don't get to hear/read about in the reviews. I have literally sent my own father to see Kris. He is something special.”

~ Matthew R. OTR.